Our Mission is to get kids, teens and adults up and moving through gameplay. We develop board games designed to help people establish life-long healthy habits based on physical exercise and social commitment.


The Upside Down Games story is one based in yoga destiny. It all began when two Argentinians – a yoga-loving lawyer specializing in non-profit work and a yoga instructor – met in a yoga class. They shared not only their passion for yoga, but also their desire to spread the joys of yoga to children, creating a new generation of ‘yogis.’ Matt, the lawyer, and Juan, the yogi, brainstormed ways to make the kids’ yoga classes at their studio more engaging, more age appropriate, and more fun. Barbara, a friend and experienced yoga instructor, joined the twosome next, providing invaluable business input and guidance. Truly a family and friends affair, the final member of the group is Marta, Matt’s mother, who happens to be one of the worlds’ leading endocrinologists, offering her advice and consult on children’s health and safety.

The result was “The Magic Path of Yoga”, released in Argentina in 2009. The game met with such success in their native land that the team decided to take it to the larger U.S. market and opened up shop in Southern California in 2012. The line has since grown to include a spinner game, card game, memory game, and “find it” game – all with a unique healthy twist. To this day, the line remains the only physical active game brand in the United States.